IT COMPANY Specialized in solutions to enable many payment channels in open loop environments

The platform developed by FastProBR, processes payments with contactless bank cards, QR code, PIX, Mobile pays, Self Service Kiosks, by simply approaching them directly to the terminals, providing more convenience to the cardholders and more business opportunities to the operators.

We are already present in the following segments in many operations in Latin America: public transportation (metro, buses, ferries, tram, etc.), toll roads, parking and benefits programs.






Development of new systems that meet customer (operators) requirements based on up-to-date and secure methodologies;


Small developments in existing systems in order to meet additional requirements or improvements as demanded by the customers;


It is the support service to the infrastructure of IT systems required by the systems developed by FastProBR since its installation on local servers or cloud computing to monitoring and maintenance, ensuring continuity, availability, technological quality and security of the application;


Compares the forecasts generated by each payment and verifies that the acquirer has confirmed them. Reports show if there is anything not reconciled, giving the facts to request corrections if they are needed;


Analyze performance and trends (taps, payments, declines, debts) , cardholder behavior by operator, payment method, brand, acceptance device, etc. and others;


Technical corporation with issuers, acquirers, payment gateways, card manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, card brands to ensure the continuous improvement of their services in the payment segment;


It is a service that focuses on the technical of FastProBR services for its customers. This includes customer service, pilot tests, certifications and operations;


Training of customers to operate the systems developed by FastProBR, as well as specific training requested by customers;

Success Case

Thinking of making it easier for people who use public transportation, FastProBR, together with its partners, implemented in MetrôRio a solution to improve the user experience, enabling payment with bank card by approach directly at the turnstile. The project began in April 2019 and the solution has already surpassed the mark of over 1 million monthly payments with more than 1 million users.

Success Case

EcoRodovias is one of the largest intermodal infrastructure and logistics groups in Brazil, operating highway concessions in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. We serve Ecovias and Ecopistas concessionaires within the State of São Paulo, with a Retail transaction model. Since its implementation, we have already surpassed 5 million payments by proximity with bank cards and mobile pays directly at the readers installed at the toll plazas.

Success Case

Invepar operates in the Highways segments controlling Linha Amarela S.A., LAMSA is the concessionaire that manages the Linha Amarela, one of the most important expressways in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It uses the Retail transaction model in payments by proximity, reaching almost 3 million transactions.

Success Case
Piloto SP Trans

The proximity payment solution, with NFC contactless technology, is present in the public transport of passengers in the city of São Paulo. We operate in one of the lines of the capital, promoting, together with partners that are leaders in their segments, the payment of fares through contactless bank cards with speed and helping the development of the city.

Success Case
República Dominicana

Present in Latin America, the payment solution through contactless bank card payment technology, facilitates in a secure way the user journey in payment for urban mobility. We operate In the Dominican Republic since 2019, facilitating payment in public transportation.


Our platform connects leading companies to enable electronic payments in various segments through APIs making integrations simple.

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